how to resize photos


How to resize photos a very simple question and the answer is also very simple. If you want to resize a photo you can do it by several ways. If you want to use Photoshop to resize a photo you can do it very easily. But if you have not installed Photoshop, you can use online photo resizer or editor.

there are too many websites which gives us the facility to edit photos on online. I am not going talk about photo editing; I am going to share a link of web site where you can easily resize a photo.

we need to resize photo for various reasons. If you want to resize a photo online, you should follow the below steps.

How do I resize a photo
First go to this link---> 
. copy and paste the link.
--Second:- select one option. If you want to resize a photo from your computer , -- select open image from computer. brows and select you photo , which one you want to resize.
--Now-, look at the top bar, click image ---> Image size.
---> Uncheck constrain proportions , and now fill up your desire width and hieght.
---> Hi, here is now saving time of the resized photo. Press ctrl+ s , a pop up window will appear, here you can select your desire format , by default it is jpeg. You can resize your image quality here. Finally click ok, another pop up will appear , here save your resized photo. Its was so simple, huh .

How to resize photos in Photoshop
If you want to resize photos using photoshop you can do it simply
--- Open your photo with photoshop.
-- look at the top menu bar.
-- Click Image----> Image size
--- now uncheck constrain proportions and then fill up your desire width and height. Best option is to use pixel dimension.
-- save your resized photo. File—save as—and then select your saving location. That’s it. Good luck


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